Work Party Report 7th & 8th January 2017

Work Party Report 7th & 8th January 2017

During the weekend of 7th/8th January LCT volunteers continued the work on creating a clay bund (dam) near bridge 172 (Sellet Hall Bridge) as part of the leakage investigation work on the First Furlong. This time more serious equipment was used, a mini-digger and driver were hired to load the clay (instead of shovels) and thanks to the generosity of a local contractor we were loaned a 1 tonne dumper to move the clay and a large digger to build the bund. 20 tonnes of clay were also supplied at a reasonable cost.


Robin shuttled back and forth for most of the two days, over 30 tonnes were moved altogether. There was still some old clay left in the car park at bridge 172 for another day.


Meanwhile David was busy building up the bund, adding layers of clay which were puddled into shape with the digger bucket. 

2017-01-08 13.41.06.jpg

We finished up with a bund which is almost as high as the planned water depth. The water on the bridge side of the bund will be monitored for leakage. The analysis has to take into account rainfall.

2017-01-08 15.00.34.jpg

The two other Davids and Richard did the usual repetitive but essential tasks of tidying up the vegetation on and around the bridge and fixing fences.

2017-01-08 13.41.01.jpg

At the end of the day it took a lot of work to get the loaned plant reasonably clean, clay is very claggy. We rather ran out of time and it was almost dark when we finished and we won’t mention Peter’s car getting stuck and having to be pulled out. 

2017-01-08 16.36.47.jpg

Further work will involve pumping water into the bunded section and watching what happens.

Peter Jones