.First Furlong
Meet at STAINTON at 9.30 each day

Work on building a gabion wall is now complete, the bed cleared and the ramp under the bridge removed. This clears the way to lay the final section of liner.
The roll of rubber liner has been placed in the correct position and, once a layer of geotextile has been laid, it can be rolled out on top and positioned ready for jointing. The aim is to make this the first job on Saturday morning and it would be really great if we had a good number of volunteers for the task.
Please try to come along, even if you can only make it for the morning.

Further tasks are a) to complete sealing the liner at its edges with the transition walls and bridge abutments at Br 172 and 173 and b) there are also areas along the towpath side were the profile infill needs further work.

A second weekend work party is planned for the Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th Oct.
The off bank profile needs to be cleared in preparation for raising the level of the lining and a number of extension pieces have been cut in readiness. These need to be checked and moved along the bank. Once in place they can be sealed in place. If necessary more pieces to be cut from the material at the cabin. By this weekend the rubber lining will have been jointed meaning that the final layer of blocks can be put down and the whole section will be finished.


i.Wakefields Wharf
     I am trying to organise a work party for Wednesday the 9th October . I am asking Boat crew to help with this as it is in our area of interest and is a one off exercise. The aim will be to clear the overgrowth on the wharf and generally tidy up the area. Although most of the work will be with hand tools I will need a strimmer operative and the strimmer certification for it beforehand for CRT as we are working on their land. Please reply to me by email if you can help, we probably need four to six people maximum and if the 9th is not OK please suggest alternatives ( but not the first week in October as I am away then)

Thanks. Ian Treanor

Email: ian.treanor@live.co.uk>;

August Report

Removed cut lining pieces and pallets from bed leaving only large roll in situ. The later is to be moved to the required place by Wilsons. Cut pieces to be reviewed vs. off bank requirements.
Cleared weed from the area onto banks. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing it shows Wilsons the mud to be cleared and improves water flow.
Towpath Bank – Pin Up Lining
The length of bank that was due to be infilled had the layers of lining pinned up to the required level. Addition geotextile for top layer was needed in parts (ex 5m wide roll). Final 10m awaiting extension joint
Towpath Bank – Profile Filling
Starting after lunch profile filling was started using the hired 1.4t excavator (Hartleys). About 1/3 of the required length was completed. Carol H was able to gain excavator experience under the watchful eye of David J.

Sunday 15th
Towpath Bank Edge Extension
The final piece was jointed allowing the full length to be pinned up
Towpath Bank – Profile Filling
Filling was completed with all the material available. Further material could be usefully used to raise the fill profile.
Carol H did further work on the Excavator and successfully obtained WRG certification. Congratulations!
Edge Sealing With Clay at B173
A start was made on the edge sealing. Firstly the edge down the towpath bank next to the transition wall. A trench was cut with a mattock along the wall. The ‘under’ geotextile was cut back to the top of the trench and the EPDM lining was cut so it laid on the bottom. Next it was part filled with clay.
Some puddling experiments were done to work out how to convert the clay lumps into puddle. A few shovelfuls of clay were processed on a board. It was cut into small pieces, splashed with a bit of water them pummelled with boots and bashed with a piece of timber until it was fairly pliable. The clay was then put into the trench and rammed tight with a piece of timber. It could then be covered with the earth fill.
On examining the off side (after cutting back a lot of growth) it was found that the lining under the blocks fell short of the end of the blocks. This means that blocks will have to be temporarily removed to access the lining and put into a trench.
he sides of the blocks under bridge require to have the lining trimmed and to be packed with clay.
In order to reduce the handling of clay a large part of the pile was dropped moved to the bed where it can be puddled on a board.
All in all a busy weekend with a lot achieved.